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Range of fiber optic cable for ftth project

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1.outdoor fiber optic cable
There are some micro air blowing fiber optic cable , ftth fig 8 fiber cable GLFXTS  ;except the traditional stranded loose tube and  central loose tube at present .

2. Indoor /outdoor fiber optic cable
Indoor fiber optic cable will be used when the fibers have to connected from outside to indoor floor ,it include the loose tube fiber optic , tight buffered optic cable and ftth drop cable .these fiber cables have to meet the required for water proof ,high-low temperature changed vast ,Low smoke and frame resistance as well.

3. Indoor fiber optical cable
Traditional fiber optic cable specification are be used widely like  simplex, duplex indoor and distribution fiber optic cable etc.

Choice of Optical fibers
According to YD/T1636-2007( fiber to the home rules ), the uplink signal with 1260-1360nm wavelength,Downlink signal with a wavelength range of 1480 ~ 1500 nm. FIBER g652 and G657 Can meet these required.But  for the ftth telecommunication , most of fiber optic cable install  at indoor  , we have to consider not only convenient construction and decoration also the fibers  Optical Characteristics.

Fibers G652 with the good optical characteristics performance only in the bend radius at 30mm. So G657 fibers used more widely because the bend radius can less than 15mm but excellent optical characteristics.


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