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Development of electric cable

Time:2015年09月11日 Source:www.cg-hn.com Click:Time 【Typeface:Big In Small

Over the past few years, the development of power cable has experienced from scratch, from low-end to high-end development process.

In the early stages of the power cable, gyfty non ADSS cable metal and non metal self supporting cable, but this time power transmission project is mainly based on 10kV and 35kV.

Later in 1985 about the first use of OPGW cable, the cable solves the ADSS cable voltage and span limitations.

Later in 2006. The construction of new transmission lines is mainly dominated by OPGW and ADSS cable is mainly used in the transformation of the old line.

Later, the emergence of OPPC cable, and solve the problem of OPGW cable can only transmit data, OPPC fiber optic cable is a fiber optic cable in the wire, which is a new type of fiber optic cable, to a large extent, facilitate the construction of power companies.

Then I believe there will be another new technology, will be more efficient than OPPC fiber optic cable, such as solving the problem of ground wire, safety issues, etc..

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