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ADSS cable selection problem

Time:2015年09月11日 Source:www.cg-hn.com Click:Time 【Typeface:Big In Small

How to choose the right ADSS fiber optic cable? Has been a lot of customer friends want to know, in general, ADSS cable is the use of a more than one kind of power line, according to the voltage level to select the suitable ADSS fiber optic cable is necessary, and the 220kV and above the high voltage transmission line, and as a communication link, to ensure communication lines and transmission line operating life (30 years), from the reliability, construction and maintenance, engineering personnel should choose 220kV, OPGW and more than the trunk transmission line ADSS.

For the 220kV and the following transmission line, especially in the area of substation communication, you can consider the use of ADSS fiber optic cable. Engineering personnel should first consider the existing power lines, erecting the reliability of ADSS optical cable, the power line has been in operation time, tower of aging degree, the original design standard conditions were evaluated to determine the feasibility of erection.


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