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Importance of communication optical fiber cable

Time:2015年09月11日 Source:www.cg-hn.com Click:Time 【Typeface:Big In Small

Optical fiber communication in today's life, has occupied very important position, in our country, clearly defined, deliberately cut communication optical cable is illegal behavior. Recently, telecommunications Xi'an branch to grab customers cut Unicom, Yuntong communications cable, resulting in more than 1300 households all off the net.

Perhaps one day, you are talking with friends, suddenly not even online, is trying to buy a beautiful clothes through the network, the site is not open, and customers to discuss cooperation matters, watching TV, etc., can imagine, the importance of communication fiber optic cable in daily life. The development of the Internet, has made it more and more dependent on the fast, simple network services, the company is directly affecting the company's normal operation of the company.

As the optical fiber and cable manufacturers, we sincerely say a sentence, the nature of competition is to improve the user experience, malicious competition will only put themselves in dire straits. In the spirit of "integrity, innovation, service", the maintenance of the safe and stable operation of communication fiber optic cable is our ultimate goal.


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